Donations, Events, and Ways to Help

WASP community fundraising program allows fire departments and communities to purchase our patented residential protection kits at wholesale pricing. The kits can then be re-sold back to the community at retail pricing, with all proceeds going back to the fire department on each sale. Any business that wishes to donate a service or material for Fire Department projects will be given a Tax-exempt Form and letter from the Department for those services or materials donated. We raffle off door prizes at many of our events if you have any items to donate for this purpose. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, make checks payable to “Cronomer Valley Fire Dept. Inc.”, and send it to the attention of our President or Fundraising Committee.
Typically, a bingo hall features drinks and light snacks; however, the possibilities are practically limitless. Consider inviting people to bring a dish to be shared – potluck bingo night. As a way to encourage people to provide food, you could provide a free bingo card for those who bring a dish.
If you wish to sponsor an annual firefighter award, sponsor a scholarship, or make an undesignated monetary or product donation to PFRA, please contact our treasurer or president. You can also make a tax-deductable donation right now, just by clicking the icon below. The Gala was a fun, successful evening and we are so appreciative of all who attended in support of the Chelan Firefighters Association. All proceeds from the Gala will be used to benefit the community and support the Firefighters Association’s projects, regional charities, and acts of kindness. We also do not receive any funding from the Charlotte Firefighters Association. Simply order 1 brochure for each member of your organization and ask them to show the brochure to their friends, their relatives and their neighbors and ask them to purchase 1 or more of the bulbs.
Not only will the trivia night generate funds, but it will also educate participants about fire safety and create a stronger bond between the fire department and the community. We do not use a third party organization instead we choose to conduct all fundraising ourselves. Our benefit concerts will offer quality entertainment, available at a reasonable price, and provide our supporters a fun night out for the whole family. Without the help of the community our life saving programs would not exist.
You can host the boot camp in sessions at the fire station or another suitable location, with attendees paying a registration fee to participate. So Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas wanted to use this background to help engage community and potentially provide some much-needed funding to support these services for training and equipment. The FGFD receives donations from the Fairfield Glade Community Club and the Cumberland County Fire Fund. Funds required for our Capital Equipment programs comes solely from the generosity of the residents and businesses of the Fairfield Glade Community. FACT – Some fundraisers use deceptive tactics to induce you to make a donation.
The Firehouse Escape Room will raise funds and provide insight into a firefighter’s world and foster connections between your fire department and the community. Mobilize firefighters to engage with the community through a Fill-the-Boot Drive directly. Obtain any necessary permits and designate suitable locations near busy intersections, shopping centers, or entertainment venues where your firefighters can safely stand with their fire boots. Encourage passersby to drop in spare change, small bills, or any cash donations they can provide.