Residential Security Chicago IL

Cambridge Security has more than 30 years of experience providing residential security services to apartments, condos, HOA, co-ops and residential communities. We understand how important it is to implement security measures that protect your residents and their property, while maintaining an atmosphere that is appropriate for residents, visitors, and service providers. An effective residential security program should include on-site, professional security guards.
Setting the right tone starts with assigning the right security personnel. Security Services selects and supervises our security personnel. Our training program includes on-site orientation and on-going classwork. Your home is your most valuable property, and you need someone to help you protect it.
There are many different types of security systems available and we make sure to choose one that is right for the property. We can design and install monitoring devices that can secure your business, inside and out. These devices provide integrated surveillance, access control and intrusion protection systems. Shawn’s experience in the field includes decades as an active-duty officer in the Prince George’s County Police Department.
This puts your family, valuable possessions, and other residents at risk. Integrity – Honesty and integrity are vital in building and nurturing trust. It is, therefore, important to ensure that the company you choose to work with has run a comprehensive background check on all the officers they’ve employed.
If you’re looking for home security — without all the extra Wi-Fi and smart home integrations of the Ring Alarm Pro — SimpliSafe’s easy-to-install, easy-to-use DIY system is a great option. It offers a comprehensive set of features, including equipment like security cameras and a very good mix of battery-powered motion detection sensors, all of which performed reliably well in our tests. Starter kits begin at less than $250, or you can build a custom alarm system with the exact mix of devices you need. The best community security officers know how provide concierge-like service while staying alert and vigilant. We call it “security with a smile,” the careful balance that must be maintained to provide a welcoming and friendly environment while at the same time ensuring the safety of residents and visitors alike. SecureOne’s residential security officers are courteous, approachable, and friendly, in addition to being highly adept and highly trained professionals.
However, it’s limited to Ring Alarm Pro users with a Pro subscription plan, which means you’ll need to pay for a feature that’s typically free with other systems. Abode offers more smart-home integration than any other security system we tested, which means you can tie it into smart-home devices from different manufacturers. Provide faster emergency response and situational management in the event of a crisis. Locally-Owned and Operated – As a locally-owned and operated security provider, all our stakeholders live in the communities we serve so that you can feel confident in our familiarity with the area. Cutting-Edge Technology – As the area’s leader, all our security personnel has the latest surveillance technology, radios, and vehicles with GPS capability. Brian Winters graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1988, with a bachelor’s degree in Business/Economics.
A security guard, or team of security guards, can act as a property manager and offer peace of mind to the owner of the residential complex as well as to the residents themselves. We have a reputation of providing security services of the highest standards at competitive pricing. For several years now I have employed MPS and have always been extremely impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail.
Your privacy matters to us, which is why we offer technical counter-surveillance services, including electronic sweeps. We will detect any illegal surveillance devices and provide solutions to secure your home’s privacy. Homeowners associations and managers require residential protection services and comprehensive planning to minimize the risks of vandalism, theft, litigation, and property damage. Through Security Specialists, we can give you a comprehensive, personalized residential security plan that will help to protect your life, loved ones, and personal property on every possible level. Home security in this day and age needs to be more than just strong. It needs to be an entity that is capable of consistent shifting and evolution, as the demands for home residential security change in some form or fashion.