Tips for Running a Successful Silent Auction

As the name suggests, they are a type of auction that involve individuals bidding on items. However, unlike live auctions, the bidding process is entirely “silent,” meaning there is no auctioneer and your bids are semi-private. Usually, the items up for auction are donated, so all of the proceeds from the event go toward the specific cause the organization is supporting. Silent auctions often coincide with other events like galas as well.
If there’s a pro team in or around your hometown, consider asking the organization to donate tickets to a match scheduled on a date after your auction. In many cases, tickets to sporting events sell for more than their face value when they’re auctioned off in a charity auction. A cooking class with a professional chef is one of the unique experiences that’s likely to generate a lot of interest among auction attendees, particularly if the chef happens to be a celebrity. The cooking class doesn’t necessarily need to be an in-person event these days. Thanks to apps like the Food Network’s, the class you raffle off can take place online. If you investigate sites like, you’ll open yourself up to an even broader array of professional chefs who offer classes online.
Assistants can also countdown to the end of bidding so that people are encouraged to make last-minute bids on items, maximizing what you make on them. An advantage of using mobile auction software for your guests is that they can get notifications when they’ve been outbid. Traditional, paper-based bidding relies on people going back to check during the event, or on having an emcee who will draw attention to being outbid. From simplified auction management to engaging bidder interactions and secure payment processing, Ultimate Auction Pro empowers you to run a successful and impactful silent auction. Take advantage of this powerful silent auction software and elevate your fundraising efforts to new heights. Not only that – with the assistance of volunteers, setting up and wrapping up the silent auction event becomes effortless.
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From tips on securing the best items for a silent auction to designing your silent auction table, our step-by-step guide has everything you need to plan your dream silent auction. When the auction closes, gather all the silent auction bid sheets to determine the highest bid. If your nonprofit uses a digital bidding platform, it will automatically generate your winning bid. Be sure to announce the winner and thank them for their contribution. Many organizations are now making up for events cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. It’s sad to miss out on the in-person parties we love under normal circumstances.
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Let’s Roam has created a series of in-home scavenger hunts for couples that will pique the interest of your guests and enable them to enjoy time together in a whole new way. To keep the interest of attendees, live auctions should be limited in time from 30 minutes to 1 hour maximum. Having the silent auction actually helps the live portion by placing lower demand/lower priced items on the Silent Auction tables.
In other words, you will likely have competition at the auction, so tell people why they should bid on your item and what they will get if they win. Another great idea for auction items is to put together gift baskets (or ask retailers to put them together). Check out this awesome list of Silent Auction Gift Basket Ideas. Although the rewards are really great, a silent auction fundraiser takes a lot of organization and is very work intensive. So if you intend to run a silent auction fundraiser, plan to do it for a few years to fulfill it’s potential.
This is one of many reasons Why You Should Use A Silent Auction App. Being able to open up your auction to more supporters naturally results in more bids, since there are more people to provide funding. Your organization could certainly compile and print a physical auction catalog, but it’s more cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally conscious to create one online. You won’t have to waste money on printing costs or worry about the logistics of mailing out your catalog to supporters. Mobile bidding can simplify your silent auction execution and help you raise more money.