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Prospective buyers are willing to spend a little extra for a house with a durable and permanent roof. It’s one less thing they’ll have to worry about, and that peace of mind is reflected in the selling price. Fair and honest pricing for top quality work is company policy. All employees & sub-contractors must read and adhere to BA Roofing’s strict safety policy and standards.
Our roofing contractors will be happy to provide more information as well as work with the wildlife removal inspectors. Welcome to Barrie Roofing & Repair Services, your one-stop-shop for all your quality roofing needs. We have a team of reputed canadian roofing contractors providing prompt, reliable and efficient services within reasonable prices, your approved budget and timeframes. The majority of modern metal roofs are made from corrugated galvanized steel.
We used TJ Simpson roofing for a full reshingle job through insurance in 2018 & have been very happy with their work. Without proper roof ventilation, you’re allowing your attic to remain at a high temperature. This can lead to unnecessary and premature damage to your roof. Roof vents improve air flow, which reduces moisture buildup in attics.
And constant education keeps our installers up to date with leading edge roofing technology. Produced from near 100 percent recycled materials, these products look as good, or better, than real shake, slate and tile. It’s time – time to choose the best product for your roof.
Did you know that paying less upfront for an inferior roof system could end up costing you more in the long run due to maintenance, repairs, and premature failure? Life-cycle costing evaluates all those factors to provide you with a realistic projection of the true cost of a roof system over its lifetime. And often, the methodology proves that a higher-cost system is actually the most affordable choice. Established in 1988, a family-run business, we have prided ourselves on perfecting our permanent steel roofing system. Atlas-Apex Roofing performs quality re-roof installations and provides trusted maintenance plans to maximize a roof’s service life efficiently.